COVID-19 Update

First and foremost, we hope that all our subscribers are safe and following the guidelines for safety. Given the current dynamics of the outbreak, we understand and recognize the need to sanitize the environment we live in. Many local businesses are facing a period of stall and difficulty in open back doors to customers and employees. 

At I-BEC, we strive for a secure way to resume the regular day-to-day routine in safety. As an engineering company, our focus is to provide our clients and communities with sustainable designs that are cost-effective and energy-efficient. We are working to create a revolutionary product that can sanitize the environment using UV Lights and medical-grade filters. The sanitization process can be very tedious and time-consuming; by sanitizing the air, we will be able to work in a better environment, safe and bacteria-free. Our Air Sanitizer can purify rooms up to 150 square feet providing a change in employee safety, as Ultraviolet light mangles the genetic material in pathogens - DNA in bacteria and fungi, RNA in viruses - preventing them from reproducing. Our system is light, portable, and quiet, making it an excellent solution for any room!


Safe And Effective?
The Air Sanitize is tested safe on humans. The UV Lights are inside the metal structure and prevent any types of spillage radiation. Most hospitals use the effectiveness of UltraViolet, and now is the turn for us to make a change in disinfecting!  

How Does it Work?
Pathogens and bacteria are all around us; the Air Sanitize system gathers air from the side opening and purifies the air around us. The UltraViolet enclosure lights work on the DNA and RNA of the microorganism, preventing the spread and reproduction.