Our Website

The online store of I-BEC was launched at the beginning of July 2020, alongside with our first product, “Air Sanitize.” The device was built and design to circulate the air in enclosed spaces, to catch the air-borne dust/virus as small as 0.3 microns, and to kill them by the UVC Germicidal lamp. It is developed to maintain good indoor air quality and to provide you a healthy living environment.    

After the online store was launched, we noticed there are over 2000 visitors to our website for 50 days. The data shows clearly that, nowadays, more and more people focus their attention on air quality. Our product is developed for this purpose. We received about three orders in the first 30 days, and we welcomed six new orders in the rest 20 days. In addition, among those orders, there are returning clients. The data shows that the people and sales accept our product grows quickly.

 Gary Zhou, the President of I-BEC